Our Food

Having selected each raw material carefully from our land, we serve you the original flavors of the Cycladic Islands. 

Choose among our traditional dishes such as goat, or osso buco cooked for 24 hours in the wood oven with baked chickpeas from Sifnos Island, fresh and seasoned salads, original appetizers, special local meat cooked in sous vide and our delightful sweets.



  • Greek salad: tomato, pickled onions, local cheese, sea fennel pesto, cucumber sorbet
  • Quinoa: carrots, red pepper, grilled crayfish and honey-truffle vinaigrette
  • Beetroot textures:  beetroot tartar, beetroot coulis, fresh fish ceviche, herbs and honey earinon
  • San Mihali: mesclun salad with seasonal fruits, cherry tomatoes, San Mihali cheese, caramelized walnuts and citrus fruit sauce

المقبلات الباردة

  • Cycladic Trilogy fava Santorini, white tarama mousse and smoked eggplant creme in the wood oven
  • Variety of local cheeses, cold cuts and onion chutney
  • Sea bass ceviche with cold gazpacho sauce
  • Mackerel Fillet with parsley salad, green beans, chili chips and truffle oil


  • Fresh crispy fried potatos
  • Mushroom Garden: grilled wild mushroom variety, local zucchini creme and truffle
  • Zucchini Pie in the wood oven with 12months matured local cheese

فرن الخشب

  • Οsso buco with cheackpeas cooked for 24 hours
  • Bio black pig, fennel puree, potato roastie, handmade ricotta cheese and lemon confit
  • Goat with local couscous in tomato sauce and San Mihali cheese
  • Caneloni filled with short ribs mushroom puree, graviera cheese fron Naxos and crispy bacon
  • Spare ribs with smoked sauce and fresh crispy fried potatos
  • Greek Mousaka with veal tail, goat bechamel sauce, rocket powder and potato chips

لوحات الساخنة

  • Vegetable orzo with fresh handmade butter and olives
  • Slow cooked belly pork with green apple puree, shallots and lamb sauce
  • Linguini with crispy squid beetroot cream and gremolata oregano
  • Grilled fresh fish with black rizoto and spinach cooked in bisque
  • Picahna steak baby potatos and spicy tomato sauce
  • Tagliata Veal steak with fried potatos, truffle oil and lime mayonnaise
  • Rolled chicken cooked in sous vide, with chickpeas puree and lemon sauce
  • Steamed fresh fish with carot puree, greens and butter truffle
  • Fish Veloute soup with shrimp balls and greens


  • Magic chocolate ball: brownies, wild fruits, local cheese ice cream and salted caramel sauce
  • Local Loukoumi textures: handmade mochi filled with rose ice cream, vanilla cream, rose marmalade, almond crumble and touille
  • Yogurt mousse with honey caviar and caramelized walnuts



  • Avarino trebbiano-moschofilero-roditis
  • Blanc de Gris moschofilero
  • Fabrica monembasia-kountoura
  • Bougiouris malagouzia
  • Mantinia Antonopoulos moschofilero
  • Avantis Armonia Gis malagouzia-trebbiano
  • Bougiouris athiri-asyrtiko
  • San ta maratha asyrtiko
  • Moraitis Paros monemvasia
  • Vivlia Chora sauvignon blanc-asyrtiko
  • Ktima Alfa malagouzia
  • Sigala Santorini asyrtiko-athiri


  • Lazaridis Mavro Provato merlot-syrah
  • Skouras Portes cabernet sauvignon
  • Skouras Nemea Agiorgitiko
  • Τ-ΟΙΝΟΣ avgoustiatis-mavrotragano
  • Avantis syrah
  • Avarino grenache rouge-merlot-cabernet
  • Fabrica Mantilaria
  • Pavlidis Τhema syrah-agiorgitiko


  • Spiropoulos Meliastos agiorgitiko-moschofilero
  • Kir-Gianni Akakies xinomavro
  • EAN Sigalaw mavrotragano
  • Skouras Akres agiorgitiko
  • Moraitis Meltemi monemvasia-mandilaria
  • Adoli Gis cabernet-sauvignon


  • Moraitis Malvasia
  • Moschato d’asti
  • Blink  
  • Bilecart-Salmon BRUT RESERVE Champagne



  • Rose Tattoo (κρασί ροζέ , σαγκουίνι, ανθόνερο, γκρέιπφρουτ)        
  • Λουκουμάκι Συριανό (Infused Vodka, σιρόπι ζάχαρης, grapefruit, Moschato d'asti)
  • U can't teach an old Dog (παλαιωμένο τσίπουρο, βανίλια, tendura)
  • Let's get spicy! (Gin, σιρόπι αγγούρι, λεμόνι, φρέσκο τσιλι, γιαούρτι)
  • Sweet First Date (παλαιωμένο τσίπουρο, σιρόπι χουρμά, vermout rosso, bitters)
  • Bandiera Rosso (vodka, λιαστό σύκο, vermout rosso)
  • Strawberry Fields (junique, μαστίχα, λεμόνι, φράουλα, βασιλικός)
  • Summer Feeling (junique, triple sec, moschato d'asti)
  • Billie Gin (gin, σιρόπι περγαμόντο, λεμόνι)
  • Yo Ho Ho! (ρούμι, passion fruit, θυμάρι, λεμόνι)
  • San Michali ( μυστική συνταγή dry martini)